2.08 body paragraph Essay

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Advertisement Chart How does the ad use logos? How does the ad use pathos? How does the ad use ethos? Does the ad seem effective to you? Explain your reasoning. Your favorite electronic device The video uses logos by saying that the IPhone 4s has 8 megapixels and all new optics which makes it more than the leading competition. The video uses pathos by saying siri is an amazing assistant that listens to you and understands you when you need her. The video uses ethos because it explains that it uses the dual core A5 chip which gives the phone twice as much processing power as its previous model. Yes, because it uses all three techniques to convince the consumer Internet link to the…show more content…
Specifically, a content analysis and survey research was conducted dealing with how television commercials and magazine advertisements targeted towards males ultimately affect female body image and behavior. Are advertisements aimed at teenagers effective? And, are they ethical? Yes, these advertisements are effective because they cause teens to want try these new things including food, electronics, amusement parks, etc. These same advertisements cause a huge monetary gain towards the things advertised and cause obesity due to the unhealthy food. I think they are unethical because psychologists who help advertisers are essentially helping them manipulate children to believe in the capitalistic message, when all the evidence shows that believing in that message is bad for people. URL/Link to Ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKDkDjQHPuA What does the ad seem to say about gender? What does the ad seem to say about race or ethnicity? What does the ad seem to say about social status? What seems particularly effective or ineffective about the ad? This says that the gender is diverse through smoking. This says that race is diverse through smoking. This says that only the cool crowd smokes. The thing that is effective is the teens are all dead at the end so it shows not to follow people who smoke. URL/Link to Ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8IAkbWJNfY What does the ad seem to say about gender? What does

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