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Unit 2 Journey to Identity Text Analysis
Title: Boy in The Striped Pajamas
Author: Boyne
Publication Date:
I chose this book because (respond in at least 2 sentences): Because I found the book trailer interesting and I also enjoyed the plot of the book. I also chose the book because it was the only book that seemed most interesting.
Connecting with Character: Protagonist
How do you relate to this character?

Beginning: e aren’t the same age

Adventurous, curious, and we both have a big heart

End: e were born in different years

Identity Development.
Identify the protagonist’s stage of identity development throughout the
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Shmuel’s papa is missing
Bruno helps without knowing it was
Bruno is ready to help Shmuel at anytime and asks Bruno to help find his last adventure. with anything. him. Plot
. What narrative structure does the author use to tell the story? John Boyne uses imagery in his book.
Briefly summarize the story using the elements of plot.
Rising Action
Falling Action

Bruno is told they are moving away; a place called Auschwitz.
Bruno is walking around his land and sees Shmuel; talks to Shmuel and gets asked to help find his father.
Bruno puts on striped pajamas, sneaks into the camp to help Shmuel find his papa.
Bruno decides to stay with Shmuel until they find his papa.


Bruno’s mom and sister leave his father and they are all sad that they will never see Bruno again Bruno was gassed along with Shmuel.

What is the message the author is communicating through key events in the story?
Key Events - What happens?
Bruno and his family had to move to
Bruno meets Shmuel it is included to help you see another side of life.
Bruno enters camp and stays.

Why is it included?
It is included to help you understand who the characters are and what they do.
To help you see another side of life.
This is included to show the innocence of a child.

What is the author’s message?
Change is difficult.

Other people have life harder than you. Don’t always go somewhere you don’t know without

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