2.1.1. Attitude and Connection Toward Healthful Food Preparation An attitude can be defined as

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2.1.1. Attitude and Connection Toward Healthful Food Preparation
An attitude can be defined as permanent organization of motivational, emotional, perceptual, and cognitive processes with respect to some aspect of the individual's world and it also can be defined as emphasized the enduring nature of attitudes and their close relationship to individuals' behavior (Schwarz and Bohner, 2001).
According to Fuson (1942) and Campbell (1950), they had defined attitudes simply in terms of the probability that a person will show a specified behavior in a specified situation.
Experience from the past directly form attitudes (Susan and Neela, 2012). It maybe exists from direct personal experience or maybe comes from observation. Strong influence
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Attitude awareness among food handler and consumer are important because they claimed that they know about food safety principles but their food handling practices usually do not support it (Ozilgen, 2010). Pilling, Brannon, Roberts, Shanklin and Howels (2008) found that employee facing many barriers to noted implementing food safety program. Employees noted that lack of time, training and resources along with employee attitude, availability hand sinks and inconveniently located resources were barriers to hand washing within a food service operation (Pilling et al, 2008)
According to statistic more than 25% of all foodborne illness because improper hand washing and to avoid that case they need practice proper hand washing such as using water 100°F, applying enough soap, scrubbing hands together for a minimum of 20 seconds, rinsing thoroughly under running water and drying with use tissue paper towel or warm air dryer (Mohd Onn ,Zuraini and Khamis, 2009).

2.2 Knowledge
2.2.1 Knowledge and Connection Toward Healthful Food Preparation
According to Theory of Planned Behavior (Azjen, 2006), measuring food safety attitudes are important and the educational intervention encourages the college health
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