2.1 Strengths and Limitations of Assessment Methods Essay

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2.1 The Strengths and Limitations of Assessment Methods Selecting Assessment Methods There is a large variety of assessment methods available for assessing learners’ achievements. These include observation; questioning the learner; examining product evidence; discussion; witness testimony; looking at learner statements; recognising prior learning; simulated environment; skills tests; oral and written examinations; assignments; case studies and projects. Choosing the most appropriate assessment methods is vitally important, to help and support the learner and to ensure the job of the assessor is as straightforward, reliable and problem-free as possible. In selecting methods of assessment the main aim is to choose methods that most…show more content…
Can involve unplanned, uncontrolled events 4. The challenge of making an accurate record of the ‘event’, to prevent unfair test conditions and ensure consistency 5. Simply watching a candidate performing a task would not necessarily reflect their knowledge in other areas, for example regarding legislation. In this case a more effective assessment method should be included, such as questioning. Questioning Questioning is a method of testing knowledge by asking the learner a series of questions related to the performance criteria. It is important that the assessor plans the questions beforehand, ensuring that open questions are used, and identifies the means of recording them, whether it be written; voice recorded or videoed. Questioning can be a very useful assessment method used alongside other methods. With observation, in particular, ‘what if’ questions can be used for evidence that might be hard to obtain, for example. Strengths Limitations 1. The assessor can elicit further information and check that the candidate has understood the assessment fully, particularly if they have not given full answers 2. The assessor can gain an immediate answer, checking that the required standards have been met 3. More reliable that an unstructured oral test or discussion 4. Can be used to address any ‘gaps’ in the evidence of candidates’ knowledge 1. Can cause the candidate anxiety 2. May advantage candidates with strong verbal skills and

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