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Tools used to measure latitude (Lesson 02.01) (use the first resource in this lesson to help you) Be able to list and describe the 3 main tools used to measure latitude in early navigation Sextant- allowed users to determine their latitude to within a sea mile or two The gnomon or sun-shadow disk- operated like a sundial, enabling the user to determine his latitude by the length of the sun's shadow cast on a disk floating level in water. The Arabian kamal- a rectangular plate that one moved closer or farther from one's face until the distance between the North star and the horizon exactly corresponded to the plate's upper and lower edges. The distance the plate lay away from the face—measured by a string tied to the center of the…show more content…
What characteristics do all crustaceans share (need to be specific) What is the best characteristic to help you identify a crustacean? What are the 3 main example types of crustaceans? Tidal Pool (Lesson 02.06) What are the 3 conditions organisms in a tidal pool ecosystem must be able to withstand? What does the term ‘benthic’ mean? Know the adaptations of organisms found in the tidal pool ecosystem – to do this, match up the following (Match the organism with its adaptation) Organisms 
 Sea cucumber Kelp Anemone Sculpin Crab Barnacle Mussel Urchin Starfish
 Clumps together, ability to keep water in its shell and release it as needed to stay moist Soft bodies that absorb wave energy, can fold inward to hold in moisture Use tube feet to suck food off floor of tidal pool Glue themselves to rocks, filter food during high tide, trap door to store moisture in shell Holdfast to secure to rocks, photosynthesize to make food Spines that absorb energy, hides in rocks and crevices to avoid pounding waves Walking fish, pants to force water over gills Tube feet to move to shady area Occupy empty shells to hide, hard outer protection Lobsters (Lesson 02.07) Know size limits of lobsters—too small and too large What are the laws to keep lobster population high? Light
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