2.2 Competitors. As Mentioned Earlier, Burberry Positioned

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2.2 Competitors

As mentioned earlier, Burberry positioned itself as functionality luxury by being a top global brand worldwide. Burberry not only have rivals which contend directly such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel but also indirectly such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein which both having the same collections in lifestyles (Appendix 4).

Louis Vuitton is one of the Burberry’s biggest yet strongest competitors in the field of fashion. It formes up its strategy by focusing on the customer trends, concentrates customer taste and build a effectively responsive supply chain before the trend emerge. In order to well served the customers, Louis Vuitton hired expert and specialized young workers to work with the merchandise design. And due to
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Each of the collection with different theme ways out the elegancy which inspired consumer to wear with their own style (Ralph Lauren, 2016). In addition, it is charged with a higher price compared to Burberry collection.

To sums up the above, Burberry focused it brand on the price level to come out with “fashion luxury and high quality at best affordable price” as its average supply chain does not have ability to compete with the fast fashion like Louis Vuitton (Hogarth, 2015). Louis Vuitton reported that its pricing level based around 40-45% is expensive than any other brand considered as the highest (The Economist, 2009). Consumers is likely to spend an average of $3000-4000 at Louis Vuitton while $2500 at Burberry.

Through the Harvard Business Review by Keller, Sterthal & Tybout (2002), the product life cycle (PLC) stage can influence frame of reference’s choice. The growth opportunities included with threats might emerge outside product’s category in later stages of PLC. According to Perez (2015), the unknown source of clothing has to be analysed before they navigate to others, an example given is eBay. With the addition of expanding its “eBay Valet” considered as professional service selling, the high-end clothing or accessories can be easily being sell out by pre-approved eBay sellers.

3.0 Points of Parity
From the article stated in Harvard

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