2.2 Describe with Examples the Importance of Recognising and Responding to Concerns About Children and Young People’s Development

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2.2 Describe with examples the importance of recognising and responding to concerns about children and young people’s development When looking at children and young people’s development it is important to recognise and respond to concerns to ensure that the child or young person receives the help and assistance needed. The sooner any issues or concerns are raised the sooner the child or young person can be monitored and help or assistance given. The following things would cause concern about a child or young persons development. If the concern was ignored or the problem was left untreated things could get worse and a delay in help or any treatment needed could mean the outcome isn’t as good as if the treatment was started earlier.…show more content…
Physically as the child isn’t playing at playtime they might not be as physically active as they previously were. Responding to any concern has to be done in a professional manner meaning that you don’t talk to the parents or carer of the child without first following procedures. You would have to have an account and a note of exactly what was seen or heard or anything witnessed. You would need to state why it was a concern to you and the date and time this occurred. You would need to have kept a log and it must be true and accurate. You would approach the class teacher with your concern. If the teacher disregards it you would still need to report it as you have a responsibility to that child or young person. You would report it to the relevant person above the teacher until the concern has been reported correctly. Once reported the relevant person can help the child appropriately to solve the issue correctly hopefully getting the child back on course. If you fail to take note and report any concerns of child development the child or young person’s development could be affected in various areas. Example 2 You may start to become concerned about a child or young person if they start to act out of character or their behaviour changes. You have a child who in class usually participates well and is happy, very outgoing and confident but one day they come into class looking sad and is very quiet.
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