2.A) Evaluate Personal Motivations For Pursuing The Discipline.

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2.a) Evaluate Personal Motivations for Pursuing the Discipline The evidence I have chosen to prove this outcome is from a paper I wrote in PSY 32153: Social Psychology, which I took in spring 2016, for outcome 2. A) I have chosen my paper about two different subjects which are, the way I see myself and the feedback that was received about myself in the experiment, and gender role stereotyping. When it comes to the way I see myself, there are two ways that I present myself, professional and non-professional. For instance, I will focus on the way I present myself in professional instances, this being one of my personal motivations when it comes to the discipline in the psychology field. Being a psychology student at Ottawa University…show more content…
Having personal motivations in life are extremely important because being motivated brings positive feedback to the lives of everyone. So overall, this all shows that I have proved this outcome because I described personal aspects of my life and my motivations and showed how having personal motivations in the psychology field is important. When it comes to the psychology discipline, us college students strive to achieve this everyday and all throughout our college career. 2.b) Analyze the Psychological, Sociocultural, and Biological Factors that Contribute to Individual Behaviors The evidence I have chosen to prove I have achieved this outcome is from a test I took in PSY 32153: Social Psychology, which I took in the spring of 2016, for outcome 2b. I have chosen to use my first exam that includes chapters one through five. It touches on many aspects such as: the first topic, psychological includes, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-handicapping, then the second topic, social cultural includes, judging, explaining, false memories, last there is biological which includes, the brain, the way we move, our decisions. I am going to use this exam to help show that I can analyze the three main topics, psychological, sociocultural, and biological factors that contribute to individual behaviors. When it comes to these three aspects of an individual’s behaviors there are many different components that can be brought
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