2.Annotated Outline Introduction

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3.Objective The basic purpose of HRP is to decide what positions the organisation will have to fill and how to fill them. Objectives of human resource planning Forecast personnel requirements Cope with changes Use existing manpower productively Promote employees in a systematic way Human Resource Planning 4.Importance Organisations use HRP to meet future challenges, cut costs, and achieve greater effectiveness Importance of human resource planning Create a talent pool Prepare people for future Cope with organisational changes Cut costs Help succession planning Human Resource Planning 5.The Process Of HRP The HRP is a four step process: demand forecasting, supply forecasting, estimating manpower gaps and formulating HR plans. The demand…show more content…
Marcov analysis: Uses historical information from personnel movements of the internal labour supply to predict what will happen in the future Human Resource Planning 14.Marcov analysis for a hypothetical retail company 2003-2004 Store Asst. Store Section Dept. Sales Exit Managers Managers Heads Heds Executives Store Managers 80% 20% (n = 15) 12 3 Asst. Store 11% 83% 6% Managers 4 30 2 (n = 36) Section 15% 11% 66% 8% Heads (n = 94) 11 63 8 14 Departmental 10% 72% 2% 16% Heads (n = 288) 29 207 6 46 Sales Executives 6% 74% 20% (n = 1440) 86 1066 288 Forecasted Supply 16 41 92 301 1072 353 Figures in circles show the transition percentages Human Resource Planning 15.Supply Forecasting Skills inventory: It is a summary of the skills and abilities of non managerial employees used in forecasting supply. Human Resource Planning 16.Skills inventory: an example Name : A.K. Sen Date printed : 1-4-2004 Number : 429 Department : 41 Key words Work experience Word Description Activity From To Accounting Tax Supervision 1998 2000 T clerk ax ABC Company and analysis Book Keeping Ledger Supervision 2000 2002 Accountant XYZ Co. Auditing Computer
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