2. What Does This Person Smell?

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1. What person have you put yourself in the place of? I am now in place of what appears to be the lead bow man. He is in the bottom left corner. 2. What does this person smell? I can smell the salt from the sea and blood from both my people and the people of my enemies. 3. What does this person see? I can see the walls of Constantinople, and my people climbing ladders so they can penetrate the walls. 4. What does this person here? The voices of men. Their raging battle cries and the strangled cries when they are injured. 5. What does this person touch? I feel the wood and string of my mongolian bow and arrow. 6. What fears does this person feel? I feel strangely calm now that this moment has come. Before the battle I was scared to death.…show more content…
We have successfully placed ladders on the walls they have around their cities. Some of our men are climbing up them now the last of the Byzantine empire wait at the top trying to kill them while they are still on the ladders. The air sure smells strange around here. Its the salt from the sea, I know, but it still is a little different today. That must be the blood of both my side and the enemy. Yes I could hear the cry of injured men mingling with the battle cries. I draw back my mongolian bow feeling the stiffness all over from dragging the boats across land around Golden Horn their the Byzantines had put a chain to keep our ships from getting to them. “Just think” I told to myself, “soon it will all be over and we will have full control of the Byzantine empire.” then I argued that “Then we'll just move on to concurring other colonies. That's not so bad I guess at least you will probably get some good stuff to bring home in the after battle loot.” Home, I thought. Would I ever go home. What if something happens here and I can't go back. What would happen to my family? I shook myself out of it. No point in worrying now and throwing off your aim. I wonder how it's going to be here after we win. Mehmet will probably give the Patriarch of Constantinople the rights to continue his church but strongly Encourage their conversion to islam. This place will be close to
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