2.When Establishing A Benefits Plan For Employees, There

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2. When establishing a benefits plan for employees, there are numerous things employers need to consider. Benefits can be used to help retain talented employees, provide security for employees and their family members, and they can also be a powerful recruiting tool for employers. Employers need to be aware of the high cost of benefits while offering a competitive benefits package to keep great employees with their company and happy. As we discussed in class, the cost of benefits has increased tremendously over the past 80 plus years. “Benefits in 1929 cost employers about 3% of payroll and by 2013, the cost has increased up to 30.9% of payroll.” (MacPherson). In order for employers to keep benefits high and costs manageable, employers…show more content…
Three common employee problems that managers must deal with are poor attendance, poor performance, and insubordination. When it comes to poor attendance, it is important for managers to figure out why employees are chronically absent or tardy. Discipline is never easy for an employer, so managers should consider several factors when deciding an employee’s discipline. Some of the factors the textbook suggest managers should look at are, is the attendance rule reasonable?, has the employee been warned of the consequences of poor attendance?, are there any mitigating circumstances that should be taken into consideration? Like we discussed in class, it’s important for manages to be aware of why that employee is consistently tardy or absence, things like the job is no longer challenging, coworkers are unpleasant, or the job has conflict with family obligations are all things managers need to ask or be aware of before discipline the employee. The second common employee problem managers must deal with is poor performance. Managers need to ask questions like does the employee realize they are not performing up to company standards?, Have you the manager coached the employee to do the type of work that is expected of them? Although time consuming and costly, for some companies’ performance appraisals can turn around poor performers rather quickly by providing the employee with an action plan and helping that employee

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