20 Time Project

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About eight-thousand-one-hundred-and-eighty miles away somewhere in the country of Uganda lives a thirteen year-old girl just like us. She goes to school like us, has siblings like most of us, and has a favorite sport like most of us. Although, multiple things differentiate between us and this girl too. Even though she’s thirteen years-old, she is in primary grade five, has one teacher for all of her classes, and goes to school in a building the size of a very small, rectangular one story house. Fortunately through my 20 Time project, I have gotten to know this girl by writing handwritten, e-mailed letters back and forth to her through a website called
Since the very beginning of this project, I knew that I wanted to
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I would also consider my research about the country Uganda pretty successful to. Now that my 20 Time project is over, I feel like I have gained a large understanding of how different the United States is from basically any other country in the world, especially Uganda. I have learned what I take for granted, and how to be acceptive of other cultures in general, which was my beginning goal. Even though by the end of this project I was expecting to have a sponsor child instead of just a pen pal, I feel like I have gotten to know someone from a different country a lot better than I had originally planned with a sponsor child. The knowledge that I continued to gain through research and “Kisses from Katie” continued to surprise me by the ways I was living compared to how a person from a range of ages are living in Uganda. By learning about living conditions there vs. living conditions here, I found myself marveling at all the privileges I was given and hadn’t even noticed before. Clean water, an abundant source of food, an awesome education, multiple pairs of clean clothes, a structurally safe house, the list goes on and on. This project has impacted me to the point where I would think about struggling kids in Uganda while I was watching T.V. or doing homework, and realize how truly blessed I…show more content…
I’ve learned that new material processes much better through my mind by experiences and not just simply hearing about it. I’ve also learned that global situations and other cultures really peak my interest levels as a learner, and so far, I’ve never gotten tired of hearing more. If it weren’t for my penpal, I don’t think I would have enjoyed this project as much as I did, because knowing that someone else was being impacted for a school project really touched my heart. From the very first letter that Aber Sharon wrote me, I knew that I had done something to impact another person. You could tell that she was absolutely ecstatic to be writing to me, and I feel like I have developed a friendship with someone that will last. However, I don’t think Aber Sharon was the only one impacted by my project. As I told some of my friends what I was doing for my 20 Time project, and gave them updates on letters she sent me, I took to notice how interested they all were in what I was doing. I’m not quite sure if it impacted them in a major way, but I could see the inspiration in their eyes as I would tell them about my pen pal from Uganda. I think that this is one of the major reasons why I grew to enjoy my project so
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