200 Day Research Paper

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200 years later, people are living on a completely new planet where people will no longer suffer hotness---Mars. Humans are able to enjoy "coolness" in Mars, however, instead, they can not see the sun at all. It has been about 200 years since the last time they saw the Sun. They are all feeling bored about rainy, snowy and hailing days. Therefore, everyone wants to see the mysterious sun so bad but they do not know when that day would be.
Mary is a seventh-grade girl with beautiful gold hair and blue eyes. Today, at school, she learned history which her teachers taught her there was a hot spot in the sky called Sun on another planet called the Earth. It was her first to hear such an amazing thing. Mary thought about it all day long at
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Unsurprisingly, she is still on her path of discovering the Sun and the Earth. Recently, she found it out after 20 years discovery.
The research shows that there was the Sun and the Earth 220 years ago. Since people were not aware of the importance of the Sun and the atmosphere which was mostly composed of nitrogen and oxygen, human did much more industrial product which produced much more greenhouse gas than the earth could balance. Gradually, the atmosphere was reduced and finally disappeared. Without the existence of the atmosphere, the heat of the Sun could hit the ground straightly. It caused everything was on fire includes human, trees, animals, and buildings. People had nowhere to go, the last group of a live human left the evil place for another planet---Mars. After all that, people started to see the Sun as an evil monster, this is why they decided to delete every document about the Sun and pretend there was not even such a thing existed.
"Mom, why is it always cold, is it possible to see the sunny day?" Mary's daughter asked her mom.
Mary looks up to the sky, darkness fills around the world. Then she glances at her daughter, smiles and
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People already have no sense of what season it is right now because it really does not matter; the only thing they know is that the weather is always frosty and bleak. Every single flower, grass, and twig are growing long ice gray crystals under the clouds; animals are infinitely in the state of being dormant; people have to wear the cloth that is double size of themselves; no one would cry outside unless they want their faces to be frozen. Lately, it is being colder and colder, from 0 degrees (100 years ago) to -70 degrees right now. Everything is freezing since the weather drops down to -70 degrees. Although there were a lot of people disagree with catching the sun back, the government states the sun has to be back or no one will be alive without any food. As a scientist and an essential role of this mission, Mary looks out of the house with a tight-lipped face and contemplating the problem that she's meeting—how could she get the Sun back. More importantly, if the Sun comes back, would it be what it was? Ancestors who used to live on the earth 200 years ago have deleted every document that is relative to the astronomy since the sun burned most of the people out. In the other word, without being aware of any of NGC objects or the brightness of the sun, it is barely impossible to figure it out in dozens of
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