200 Things to Know to Pass the Chemistry Exam

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200 Things to Know to Pass the Chemistry Exam 1. Protons are positively charged (+) with a mass of 1 amu. Example: Which has the greatest nuclear charge? Cl-35 Ar-40 K-39 Ca-40 2. Neutrons have no charge and a mass of 1 amu. 3. Electrons are small and are negatively charged (-) with a mass of almost 0 amu.. 4. Protons & neutrons are in an atom’s nucleus (nucleons). Which has the greatest number of nucleons? Sn-119 Sb-122 Te-128 I-127 5. Electrons are found in “clouds” (orbitals) around an atom’s nucleus. Where is most of the mass of an atom found? Where is most of the size (volume) of an atom found? 6. The mass number is equal to an atom’s number of protons and neutrons added together. What is the…show more content…
1 gram 1 liter 1 mole 22 grams 32. An empirical formula is the simplest mole ratio among the elements in a compound. Use the mole map to convert percent (mass) to moles. Find the empirical formula of a compound composed of 75% carbon and 25% hydrogen. 33. Electron dot model is a way of representing the valence electron of an atom. represents the electron-dot symbol of this element C O B N 34. The kernel of an atom includes everything in an atom except the atom’s valence electrons. The kernel of this element contains 11 protons and 10 electrons O F Ne Na 35. Polyatomic ions (Table E) are groups of atoms, covalently bonded together, with an overall charge. Nitrate: ………..., NH4+: ……..….., sulfite: ……..….., etc. Which of the following contains both ionic and covalent bonds? NaOH CH3OH NaCl Cl2 36. Coefficients are written in front of the formulas of reactants and products to balance chemical equations. They give the ratios of reactants and products in a balanced chemical equation. …2…..Na + …….Cl2  …2……NaCl 37. Chemical formulas are written so that the charges of cations and anions neutralize (cancel) one another. calcium phosphate: Ca2+ PO43- = ………… 38. When naming binary ionic compounds, write the name of the positive ion (cation) first, followed by the name of the

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