2000 African American Election Of 2000

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The election of 2000 was a very tight battle. This particular election came down to the state of Florida. Florida had 25 electoral votes at the time, so this state was extremely important. Nationwide, Al Gore lead George W. Bush by roughly 500,000 votes. This may seem like a large margin, but the race was not over. Gore still needed the correct amount of electoral votes. Ultimately, Bush won the election and served two terms as President of the United States. If you take a look at the numbers and the specific circumstances of this race, it is hard to believe that this race was legitimate. First and foremost, the state of Florida purged 20,000 registered voters and did not allow them cast their votes. Normally, this would affect both candidates.…show more content…
The African American population in the United States overwhelmingly leans toward more Liberal candidates. Since Gore was behind by 16,000 votes, this could have drastically changed the election. Also, there was 175,000 uncounted ballots. This was due to some citizens having difficulty with fully punching through ballots. This was a contentious debate across the entire state and across party lines. Also, thousands of senior citizens accidentally voted for Pat Buchanan instead of Al Gore due to the confusing structure of the official ballots. After various recounts, Al Gore was down by 98 votes. During this time, the Supreme Court issued a stay and halted all recounts. Justices like Antonin Scalia claimed “irreparable harm” if the remaining votes were counted. The Democrats felt like Anthony Kennedy was their last chance of swinging the SCOTUS in their direction. Ultimately, the Court ruled in Bush’s
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