2000 Ny Obituaries, Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying And 75-Year

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2000 NY Obituaries, Top 5 Regrets of the Dying and 75-Year Enduring Study On Happiness Reveal What Makes a Great Life. The owners of the sexiest job of 21st century, data scientists own the words - actionable insights. The best among them do. Jostled in my mind is a thought – an electrifying thought. Can those words, ‘actionable insights’ and ‘the essence of a good, successful life’ appear in the same sentence? If so, where can we find them? Here are my snippets. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari In 2006, I picked up a book by Robin Sharma – the title sounded interesting. As I was reading through it, one thought made me sit up – “what if today is your last, how will you live it differently?” I have been noodling on it ever since –that…show more content…
In the obituaries. 2. Give – Obituary Data says so. I love looking for unique trends. For example, a year ago, I relished studying blog titles of Common Joes and Mayas that went viral on LinkedIn and enjoyed synthesizing the essence. I found it riveting that a fellow geek, Lux Narayan, did the same at a TED Talk. Except his analysis centered around 2000 non-paid, editorial obituaries from 2015 to 2016. Lux Narayan used machine learning to mine for the most significant words in the first paragraphs across the 2000 NY imprints. The essence - the second standout word associated with “not so famous” Joes and Mayas was help. [the first was John, if you are the curious kind] In Lux’s words, “The exercise was a fascinating testament to the kaleidoscope that is life ….. because the most powerful lesson here is, if more people lived their lives trying to be famous in death, the world would be a much better place.” The science of words has that effect on you. It can whittle down to the most significant and illuminate us for life. What about the science of research? 3. Invest in relationships. Science says so A research was started about 75 years ago. It still continues to this day with Harvard college sophomores from the classes of 1939–1944 and inner-city youths who grew up in Boston neighborhoods between 1940 and 1945. A psychiatrist named George Vaillant had the enormous task of cascading the results to

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