2001 : A Space Odyssey

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“2001: A space Odyssey” opens in the African Rift Valley, where a tribe of hominids encounter a stone monument which has obstructed on their domain. This stone monument transmits radio waves that end up expanding their IQ 's, teaching them weaponry and other tool uses to help them live, as they proceed to defeat a rival tribe. Four million years later, we see the luxurious space travel that the vintage science fiction of the 1960’s, with space stations for air terminals and such. Dr. Heywood Floyd is heading to Clavius Base, a United States lunar station. Along the way, he finds out about gossipy tidbits about an unidentifiable disease going around on the Clavius Base and his responsibility to study a four-million-year-old structure. Floyd…show more content…
As Bowman deactivates HAL, HAL retreats to sing his first memory, the tune "Daisy Bell". Dave executes Hal, and a prerecorded video message from Floyd plays, uncovering the presence of the stone monument on the moon, its purpose and source unclear. Except for one short yet intense radio discharge for Jupiter, it has been dormant. Orbiting Jupiter, Bowman leaves Discovery One to research another monolith. When Dave heeds the monolith, and then a wormhole sucks in the unit, racing Bowman crosswise athwart mindboggling separations of space, review a mind bowing trek through the space-time continuum. Bowman later gets himself, still in the case, in a room delegated in the neoclassical style. With each changing view, he perceives himself dying, up until a vast stone monument resurrects him as an embryo encased in a forthright sphere of light. The film closes as the new being buoys in space, as he watches planet Earth.

In a film full of metaphors and messages, one could refer to “2001: A Space Odyssey” as a key scene! But, to cherry pick, one key scene would be the story of Hal. "Incapable of error", Hal talks, plays, and fears, but the emotion 's authenticity are unknown. The astronauts do not suspect rebellion from their comrade until later. When Hal signals an error, Hal blames humans, but this makes Frank and Dave distrustful. Is Hal making errors, or plotting something? Dave and Frank meet in one of the most valuable soundproof pods to talk about disengaging
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