2001 Revenue Projection

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2001 Revenue Projection Paper Title Goes Here The author of this response is asked to answer three basic questions relative to the Republic of Vardar and how its tax revenues are likely to trend subsequent to the time horizon mentioned in the assignment, which ends at April 2001. The first question asks about a pattern in the overall tax collection rates. The second question asks the author to provide, with examples, whether the ministry should revise its 2001 forecast. Lastly, the author is asked project how much tax revenue will be collected in 2001. Pattern in Tax Collection As for the first question, the 2000 collections, with the exception of January, were quite solid. There was not a single month below $841k except for the $559k amount listed for January and some of the figures approached a thousand, such as March and July. However, there has been a clear swoon in tax rate collections. The year of 2010 ended on a steady note but receipts immediately dropped to $714k in January and then under $600k for the three months after that. It is clear that the 2000 law's projected effect is in full force now but the overall trend right now (through April 2001) is upward even if the growth rate is extremely anemic. In fact, the cut in revenues was actually a third if one compares the last four months of 2010 (high 800k a month range with December being low 900's) and the last three months of the known figures (about $580k a month) Recommendations The projection of

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