2006 Subaru Legacy: Personal Narrative

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The choice that I had to make when I got my license was between 2006 Subaru Legacy that was $8,000 and 2008 Honda Civic that was $9,000. I chose the Subaru because it was cheaper. The marginal benefit of the Subaru was that it had all wheel drive and it was bigger than the Honda. And also the Subaru was more luxurious because it had leather seats and seat warmers. Honda’s marginal benefit was that it had less mileage on it and would cost less to fill up the gas. The marginal cost is how good is my gas mileage is going to be each week when I commute and what extra things do I need when the weather changes, or when I need to maintain my car. The scarcity is how is my bank account is going to be each week and how reliable is the car both manufactory
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