2008 Poll: The Greatest Russians of All Time

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2008 Poll: The Greatest Russians of All Time For many, the most disturbing aspect of this list compiled years ago in Russia, is that Stalin was able to make it on to the list at all, given the regime of terror that Stalin was responsible for, and the millions upon millions of lives that perished in the gulags under his reign. One journalist attributes this to the fact that Russians love their tsars and often believe their leaders to be extensions of themselves (Savodnik, 2006). As one journalist writes, "my real-estate broker told me that German prisoners of war had built my apartment building, when a dictator who killed tens of millions of his own people was vodzh the great leader and that this makes my apartment more valuable" (Savodnik, 2006). It is apparently not the devastation that Russians remember or the massively avoidable tragedies that could have been prevented by these leaders, rather the people of Russia just remember the sheer power, that these leaders wielded and the things that this power accomplished. This is a byproduct of both idealizing the past and not being able to see how the past of several decades ago can possibly link to their lives now. As another writer explains, "People who idealize Stalin (as it's fashionable among some Russian people today) say that severe measures and repressions were necessary for 'keeping everything in order'" (Appel, 2012). This tendency represents the act of "glossing things over" and bolstering the so-called

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