2012 ENHS Leadership Retreat

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Growing up, I was a very shy child. I rarely spoke up in class, or talked to strangers. and was too afraid to ask teachers for help which has hindered potential relationships with many people. With help from parents, I have worked to improve my communication skills which has been elevated through leadership experiences. These leadership experiences have helped me to become more confident in speaking on issues I believe in while respecting the viewpoints of others. They have also taught me how to listen to others viewpoint to make a well-informed decision or to understand others plight. These skills have helped me to convey a point of view to have others open their minds and understand others view and have helped me to not only with communication, but how business and government works. They have opened my eyes to a world of opportunity and how each person’s occupation can affect the community in positive ways, which has taught me that no matter what I am doing I can affect my community in a positive way in helping other to be positive and look for the best ways for a community to help others.…show more content…
There, I would have to interact with complete strangers (something I had absolutely abhorred) and learn how to become a team with them. Together, we would learn leadership qualities and practice what we learned. We practiced our knew knowledge through acting morality plays in front of the whole class. Although this situation was not ideal, it helped me overcome some of my fear of expressing my ideas to others. This first leadership experience was my introduction into effective communication and cooperation within a group. Through other leadership experiences I would hone this
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