2013 Fiscal And Environmental Analysis

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Suncor Investment Report Case Study 2010 – 2013 Fiscal and Environmental Analysis Written Report Turner Fenton SS Date of Report: January 17th 2015 Suncor Energy Inc. Alun Stokes Mr. Barrett BBI 2O8 – A January 17th 2015 I. COMPANY ANALYSIS Suncor was founded in 1919 in Montreal, and originally incorporated as Sun Company of Canada, (Subsidiary of Sun Oil). It stayed as such until 1979, at which point the name ‘Suncor’ came to fruition through the merging of Great Canadian Oil Sands, and its conventional gas and oil interests. Suncor Energy is an integrated energy company that specializes in the production of synthetic crude oil from oil sands in Calgary, Alberta. ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS When looking for investment opportunities, whilst analyzing the trends in a company’s financials may paint a fairly accurate picture of their financial standing, and allow for prediction in years to come, without first properly addressing environmental factors that affect the company, one cannot come to an informed decision about where or not to invest. The predominant categories these fall under being political, social, economic and technological, there are certain facets that prove more important than others. In terms of Suncor Energy, there is no one most important factor, as each interconnects with the others to make up that which is the competitive environment. To begin with, the economic environment affects Suncor, both on a local and global scale.
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