2016 Is The Year Of Presidential Electionwhich Makes All

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2016 is the year of presidential election which makes all Americans look forward to better life. In the meantime, the two Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, have been promoting many positive ideas to enhance the economy, cut off the social problems, and build a better life for all Americans. Nevertheless, during the debates, two candidates have some significantly different proposals. One of the proposals is regarding health care coverage. With expensive medical prescription costs in the U.S., Clinton supports the Affordable Care Act like Obama Care, which helps people attain health coverage for a reasonable price, while Bernie Sander proposes, “a single payer for all Americans”, which implies that all Americans will…show more content…
Second, under a free medical system, health care professionals will easily make medical errors during the treatment. Looking at the fact of Switzerland’s health care system, which is one of the models of “free medical care”, Alphonse Crespo, M.D, who is a Swiss orthopaedic surgeon and research director of the Institute Constant de Rebecque, Lausanne, Switzerland, states, “A 2007 survey revealed rates of “critical incidents” of up to 40% at the university hospitals of Geneva and Lausanne.”(11) One example of “critical incidents” is the death of a fourth-year-old girl in a public French hospital. She died of a fever because of incorrect medical treatment (11). Clearly, the quality of health care will decline if free medical care is approved. Another reason everyone should not have a right to free medical care is lessoning the individual responsibility. Firstly, people who receive free medical care will be irresponsible for their self-care. For instance, when people are paid for their health care, they will lack awareness of their health insurance cost. In fact, people buy insurance to avoid financial risks. For example, when people buy car insurance, they will try not to get into accidents while driving. That is, when people must budget their health insurance, they will be more likely to take care of their health since they are aware of what they pay for. In addition, providing free medical care will contribute to the medical overuse. In fact, when people are not
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