2016 Palliative Care Research Paper

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Sheelar Moo October 10, 2016 Palliative care Research paper Proper medical care is needed by all individuals whether they are in good medical condition or not. People should not wait to develop serious medical conditions before visiting the medical centers. Most people live with condition without cure called “terminal illnesses. However, these people have the possibility to prolong their lives through the use of special medication called Palliative. On a Saturday morning, Nancy went to see her doctor because she wasn’t feeling well lately and she had a big lump on her chest, Dr.Sue gave her an assessment. After a few weeks, she received a letter in mail about her recent checkup. “You have a lump on your chest due to the cancer that has been developing”, was written in the letter, She was shocked and she felt horrible. Her daughter wedding is coming up in six months. She wants to spend as much time with her daughter and attend the wedding. However, she doesn’t want aggressive treatment, which would keep her away from home and be hospitalized. She wanted to look happy and healthy at least for her daughter 's wedding. She doesn’t want to go through chemotherapy either, because chemotherapy can have serious effects on her. She learned about palliative care. According to the Palliative Care Organization, Palliative care is a type of care relieves the patient from symptoms, pain and stress related to serious illnesses. According to Meier and McCormick “Palliative care aims to
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