2016 Presidential Election : Election Essay

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The 2016 presidential election seemed to be a particularly hectic election. On November 8,2016, I was checking my Facebook newsfeed. As I scrolled through my newsfeed, I see a lot of posts related to the election. People would post opinions on each of the presidential candidates as well as which their predictions of which candidate will win. The newspaper websites provided frequent updates throughout the day to inform people about the progress of the election. That night, I watched tentatively as the ballots were being counted, and I saw people’s comments of shock and disbelief when Trump managed to get ahead of Hillary in terms of electoral college votes. It was on the following day that the results were announced. Trump had won the presidential election, and many people who did not support Trump protested in Anti-Trump rallies. The results eventually created a political divide in the general American population, and this polarization in public opinion only strengthened people’s identification and support for their particular political party, Democrats or Republicans, and their presidential candidate. Interestingly enough, most of Trump’s votes come from rural areas throughout the country while Hilary’s votes come from urban areas. Which means most urban dwellers would support Hillary and identify as Democrats while the rural citizens would most likely support Trump and identify as Republicans. While these people strongly identified as a member of their political party,
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