2016 : The Year Of Aesthetics

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2016: the year of aesthetics. Everywhere I look I see people trying to aim for a specific aesthetic, whether it be in form of social media or the way a space is decorated. Increasingly with Millennials, the idea of living minimally is gaining popularity so I decided to give it a try. Doing so downscales my way of life, living minimally is for those who find their normal life over-complicated and not fulfilling enough, those who want something more. It is for those who started branching away from the normal mindset of getting rich and living in some giant mansion one day. Progressively with how expensive education, housing, and the cost of living has become, more are down-sizing their wants and joining the idea of living minimally. From this comes The Tiny House Movement, the ability to live simply and in smaller than average spaces. In order to live simply, financially free, and be eco-friendly, everyone should try or get involved with the tiny house movement. It can benefit those who want to experience the freedom to pack up and leave whenever, wherever; for those who want to experience the financial freedom along with aesthetically pleasing designs. In one way or another, everyone can benefit from choosing to live simply—minimally. What actually is a tiny house, or what is the Tiny House Movement? To put it simply, it is “a social movement where people are choosing to downsize the space they live in” (Mitchell). This is an alternative lifestyle choice that aims…
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