2017. Stem Cells. Many People Around The World Like The

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Stem Cells Many people around the world like the idea of stem cells, but are they really a good thing? Stem cell research is debatably the worst way of solving problems with the human body. In fact Scientists have been researching stem cells for a very long time, since 1956 when the first successful bone marrow transplant was made by Dr. E Donnall Thomas. There are not many cons to not use stem cells but they are very important to consider. Stem cells should not be used in the medical field due to ethical issues, health concerns, and a lack of research. There has been a lot of people talking about stem cells and its all over the news. Although most of the people agree with the method to get stem cells and what people use them for,
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The blastocyst consists of an outer layer (trophoblast) which is attached to the inner cell mass.) According to New Health Advisor ESC may not be accepted when used in transplants because there is no process to generate them or make them. They can even cause tumors when used directly from undifferentiated culture prep, which means that the cells are all on the same path to make new cells or a new organ. There is also the problem with technology where scientists don’t have a way to mass produce adult stem cells in large quantities. Adult stem cells Cannot be grown for long periods of time in culture (Culture is the growth of bacteria or of tissues in scientific study or medicinal use.). There is no sure way to know if the body will reject the stem cell transplant so that makes embryonic stem cell treatment that much unsecure. The problem with adult stem cells that it is hard to make cells efficiently is the same for ESC they have no way of making an effective process to produce ESC. Scientists are so far behind in research and there are so many advances in technology that could have been discovered but more research has to be done on the topic to obtain a full understanding of stem cells Due to the drawbacks of people cutting funding and passing laws to stop production of stem cells, people still think that if scientists harness the use of stem cells they can find the cure to cancer and many other diseases or viruses Scientists couldn 't find a
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