Essay on 208 Task C Case Studies

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Assignment 208 – Task C – Case studies case study one Introduction Winston is a social care worker supporting young people with learning disabilities in the community. One evening, he visits an individual to find that a pipe has burst in their roof, water is running down the light fitting and onto the bathroom floor. The definition of Hazard means something that could cause harm, and Risk means the likelihood of a hazard causing harm. Winston has called in on a person he supports and has found that water is running down the light fitting onto the bathroom floor so he instantly recognises that the hazard is the water running down the light fitting onto the floor and that his client is of risk as he is likely to either slip…show more content…
So this risk assessment would include areas such as bus transportation like who’s driving the bus and if Ellie is familiar with the people on board. Then next the bus route, bus times, bus stopping distances, walking distances, etc. They would then have to have an identified person to meet Ellie, who would then confirm her arrival. With these risks highlighted then reduction of risk, both positive and negative can be identified. Ellies' mum will be able to have a better understanding of the situation and with safety procedures put in place; this can reassure Ellie’s mum and Ellie’s safety. The risk assessment would be put together by all concerned with Ellie's welfare. A risk assessment can also be used by the social worker in order to ensure that Ellie is safe during the journey as again it allows a better perceptive view of the situation and it’s risk involved. A risk assessment can identify whether it is safe for Ellie to travel on the bus and alone. However, if the social worker feels it is not safe, then this can then allow all party’s to derive other ideas, such as both mum and Ellie travelling on the bus together in order to gain confidence with the new circumstance. So the conclusion would be that all areas of the situation of Ellie going on her own have been covered by doing a risk assessment and would highlight the safety for Ellie whether she travelled alone or not. By doing this all party’s are protected.
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