208 Week 2 Case Study Of Consumer Behavior

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When staff arrived to 208 Nick was finishing getting dressed. Staff monitored Nick as he self-administered his medication. Staff helped nick put together a schedule for the evening. Nick was provided visuals to help make choices for a preferred activity as well as dinner items. Staff then helped Nick develop a grocery list and then prompted him to pack his bag for swimming. Nick independently located all of the necessary items for the gym and then headed there. Nick was reminded of behavioral expectation prior to entering ACAC. He navigated into the building and then verbally checked in. Nick was reminded to pack off of his belongings in his locker before heading to the poo area. Nick enjoyed his time swimming as he displayed a positive affect.…show more content…
Nick needed assistance locating most items on his grocery list as he was not familiar with thee particular pieces. Nick did well completing his purchase needing assistance with swiping card. Nick went to 208 and was prompted to clean his hands before initiating his meal prep. Staff assisted Nick with prepping his entrée. Nick put all of his preferred ingredients on his pizza. Staff used a partial physical to help guide Nick while spreading the ingredients. Nick was then assisted with the oven settings and with putting the food in the oven. While his food was cooking, Nick completed a round of oral hygiene. Nick was able to follow the audio prompts, targeting each area of his mouth and then finished by flossing. Nick practices some daily living skills by taking out the trash. Staff reminded Nick to put a new liner in after he finished. Nick showered and got dressed before eating his dinner. Nick was encouraged to eat a salad before consuming his main entrée. Nick appropriately requested a specific dressing and consumed all of his food. When finished, Staff reminded Nick to clean up his area and directed him to a wet cloth to assist. Staff monitored as Nick again self-administered his evening medication. Nick engaged in some independent leisure until it was time to
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