21 Fun Facts About Coffee Essay

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Title: 21 Fun Facts about Coffee (1600 words)
Coffee is one of the most popular beverages on the planet. According to a rough estimate, nearly 400 to 500 billion coffee cups are consumed each year. Astonished? Well, it’s only one of many truly amazing coffee facts.
So sit back and enjoy the following list of crazy coffee facts.
Crazy Fact 1. Coffee was discovered with the help of crazy goats
Like various other discoveries, the magical powers of coffee was discovered with the help of crazy goats. Ethiopian Shepherds noticed strange effects in their goats as they started dancing after their meals. Later, they realized that goats danced whenever they ate coffee berries.
Crazy Fact 2. The history of the word “coffee”?
Coffee was first known as ‘Qahhwat al-bun,’ which means ‘the wine of bean.’ Later, the word was shortened to ‘Qahwa’, after-which the word was converted to ‘Kahve’ by the Turks. In 1582, ‘coffee’ entered into the English language derived from the Dutch word ‘Koffie.’
Crazy Fact 3. Before Coffee, there was… beer!
Who would have thought, that prior to coffee, beer was the most popular beverage! That’s right - before coffee, people consumed beer with their breakfast. Why – in many places drinking water was so full of harmful bacteria that to make it safe they turned it into beer!
Crazy Fact 4. You don’t need a coffee immediately when you wake up
Or at least you shouldn’t need it. Cortisol is a naturally produced hormone that helps us, among other this, feel alert.

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