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The Controversies Surrounding Gay Marriages: How Much the Fabric of Society Can Withstand Student’s name: Institution: Abstract The issue of gay marriages has been discussed for quite a while from a number of perspectives; however, its economic aspects are rarely touched upon. In their article Firms balk at gay weddings, Nathan Koppel and Ashey Jones shed some light on the controversy surrounding the provision of services regarding the arrangement of same sex weddings from the perspective of the people who are against gay marriages. Among the key ethical dilemmas that are related to the issue in question, the conflict between religious beliefs and the necessity to provide the aforementioned services, the issue regarding the…show more content…
Discrimination Issue and the Fifth Amendment: People’s Irrefutable Rights On the one hand, Koppel and Jones’s mentioning the Fifth Amendment clearly works in favor of the sexual minorities and their right to be married, seeing how in a range of states, legal regulations “ban businesses from discriminating against people based on their sexual orientation” (Koppel & Jones, 2013, October 2, p. A3). On the other hand, making staff provide services to the people whose marriage is contrary to the staff’s beliefs can be seen as the staff’s rights infringement. This duty-based dilemma is clearly one of the hardest to solve. However, of all the arguments, the given one is clearly the weakest, seeing how in the choice between one’s right to be treated equally and one’s right to have personal preferences, the former is obviously the superior one. Gay Marriage as a Concept Contrary to Some of the Existing Theologies There is no denying that some of the existing religions prohibit the very idea of homosexuality, not to mention the discussions of homosexual relationships legitimacy or the possibility of gay marriage. Hence, the companies that provide the services related to wedding arrangement and marriage to both straight and homosexual people will clearly be out of favor among the people belonging to such religious confessions. Therefore, the SMEs (small and medium entrepreneurships) that dare to cross the

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