21st Century Classrooms - Annotated Bibliography Essay

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• Research shows that the integration of 21st Century technology increases student achievement and engagement.

1. Caruso, C. (2008). Bringing Online Learning to Life. Educational Leadership, 65(8) 70. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.
a. This article discusses the use of the Internet in the classroom and how it can be used to personalize education. The effectiveness of the Internet in the classroom is evaluated at the Henry Hudson Regional School in Highlands, New Jersey. A faculty member at the school explains that the Internet was introduced to their classrooms to expand limited electives, advanced placement, and foreign language offerings. The use of the Internet allows small schools to provide an education that would not be
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Retrieved from EBSCOhost.
a. The article presents information on conducting timely research that may significantly influence education policy and practice. A report has been recently released from the Children's Partnership--Measuring Digital Opportunity for America's Children: Where We Stand and Where We Go From Here. On the basis of 40 indicators, the report's Digital Opportunity Measuring Stick shows how U.S. children and young adults use information and communications technology in ways that relate to their achievement, health, economic opportunity, and civic participation. U.S. children are benefiting from technology-enabled opportunities. The potential of information and communications technology to improve student achievement.
5. Corcoran, E. (2009). Getting to The Top of the Class. Forbes, 184(6), 40. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.
a. The article discusses technological innovations for the classroom. Smart Technologies has developed what they call "smart boards," large interactive screens which can be connected to the Internet and manipulated by students by their fingers or a stylus. The screens cost between $700 and $4,500 and as of 2009 have sold some 700,000 units worldwide.
6. Ferriter, W. M. (2011). Good Teaching Trumps Good Tools. Educational Leadership, 68(5), 84. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.
a. In this article the author presents his belief that educational technology is only effective in increasing student academic achievement if it
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