21st Century Internet Traps Essay

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21st Century Internet Traps

In 21st century, the Internet has become very popular around the world. Since technology has improved, many people can use the Internet at home. From the Internet, people can write or receive emails, get information from around the world, or chat with friends or other people in different countries in instant messages with clear voices and images that shorten the distance from person to person. Also, there is no time limit. One can use the Internet whenever one wants. In addition, it is very inexpensive, so it is a very convenient type of media. However, some companies or people set up a lot of traps through websites, emails, or instant messaging to advertise their
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From her pictures, I saw that she was very lovely, and at that time, I had a crush on her. Therefore, I provided her with my email address as quickly as possible on the website, and then went to see a NBA match. The match was very exciting. However, after the match, there were more exciting events that happened in my email box.

I got 1267 new mails. They were erotic advertising emails, for example something entitled "control my body," "make you have very happy nights," and "cute girl buffet for hungry man." At that time, I thought, "Oh my god! I want to make friends with cute girls but not cute 'bitches'." Because of the 1267 mails, my email box failed because it couldn't send and receive emails anymore. Therefore, I had to change to another email account. Those 1267 emails brought me a lot of trouble. I lost my girlfriend's love letter in my email, which made her angry with me for several weeks. I had to tell my other friends and my parents that I had changed my email account again. Also, I lost contact with some of my pen pals.

Actually, my case was better than my friend's. The erotic companies disturb not only the one who sends them contact methods but also the ones whose information is on the websites. My friend put his personal information in a website. He provided not only his email but also his account numbers and some instant

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