21st Century Learning And Progressive Education

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Research Paper
21st Century Learning and Progressive Education
Marisa Girimonte
D’Youville College

EDU 656
Dr. Gheorghita Faitar
November, 24, 2014

21st Century Learning and Progressive Education
The first decade and a half of the twenty-first century is soon approaching and society, including educators is faced to reflect on the importance of keeping up with the rapidly changing world. Proponents of the 21st Century Learning are addressing ways how American education can keep pace with all of the technological advances, as well as the processes of globalization (Little, 2013, p. 86). The challenge is to analyze life in this ever-changing century and how it will impact schooling, keeping in mind the children, the students and the welfare of the world. How will teachers shape their curricula with the increased pressure of No Child Left Behind and the emphasis on common core standards (Larson, 2011, p.123)? This paper will focus on the complexity of education in the 21st century, including the developing skills, and what educators and educational philosophers expect to unfold in this millennium.
The concept of learning for innovative skills can be traced as far back to Socrates and the Sophists who can be identified as “the first professional teachers” (Larson, 2011, p. 122). Students do this in classrooms today when working in groups for example and devising novel ideas for a project or a science experiment. “Skills for the future also were…
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