21st Century Life And Its Effects On Our Lives

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21st century life is full of responsibilities. People are stressed, arrears are everywhere and we have become slaves of the modern life. Although this modern life has brought us a lot of inventions and treatments to ease our lives, we are still surfing on the surface of what is around us and have forgotten what is necessary indeed. While researchers, scientists, physicians, and surgeons have made great strides in curing disease, those who practice in our medical community have fallen behind in healing and comforting our patients. (Goldberg).
What we need that have been ignored for too long is real comfort, trust and love. Studies shown that cancer patients who had beloved ones and have been loved by some significant others were most likely
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I told him to wait there for me, then I jumped inside of my friend 's car, asked him to drive me to the closest restaurant that offers rice dishes. At the restaurant, I bought two dishes of grill and a big bowl of rice, drove back, gave it to the homeless man. He was so happy. He hugged me and I was able to see the tears in his eyes. This act that I did, gave me a couple of pleasant lessons. First, no matter how cruel our society is, we can still rely on people to help us when we are at our worse. Secondly, I shall never mindlessly judge people based on what they wear or how their lives look right now, people are equally smart, just some of us are not as lucky as others. On February 3rd, I sent a letter to my mom thanking her for all she did for me. I started with a very common way of saying good morning that my mom always uses. I also attached some pictures of different eras of my life beside her and thanked every single sacrifice she made in order to make me a happier man. Although I always tell her that I love her very much, this was the first time that I sent a letter to her. This off course gives me a sense of self satisfaction. As I gave my mom such present, I am spreading love to a person in this planet which all of us shall do, so as I did my part today, I look at it as a step forward in
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