21st Century Policing Enforcement Agencies Essay

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21st Century Policing -1 Lt. Robert Boney/SLMPD
The nation was jarred by events that occurred in 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri; Staten Island, New York; Cleveland, Ohio; and in 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. These events which followed officer-involved incidents in these American cities and around the nation exposed deep divides between communities and their police departments. As the discord reached a fever pitch, law enforcement agencies nationwide began the process of self-evaluation, reflecting on policies and practices and implementing innovative strategies to better engender community policing principles, build trust, and allay fear.
Beginning in August of 2014, Chief Samuel Dotson of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (SLMPD) requested participation in the Office of Community Outreach Policing Services (COPS Office) Collaborative Reform Initiative for Technical Assistance (CRT-TA) process.
CRI-TA is a non-adversarial, voluntary process that has assisted law enforcement agencies in strengthening and building mutual trust with the communities they serve. It helps agencies develop long-term strategies for sustainable, positive change through community policing principles. It is a rigorous process that requires a comprehensive assessment of key operational areas within a police department to identify issues that affect public trust, agency
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