21st Century Skills in Education

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In the 21st century, the world is changing and becoming increasingly complex as the flow of information increases and becomes more accessible day by day. The world is radically more different than it was just a few years ago, hard to imagine that it’s such a short period of time - the world and its people, economies and cultures have become inextricably connected, driven by the Internet, new innovations and low-cost telecommunications technology. A computer is a must, to be a successful student, in this modern age, all the required information and communication is accessible online.

The education is structured for all students, regardless of background or community, so that they have the opportunity not only to reach their goals
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One thing I'm certain about is that a change is happening at an increasing rate and therein the jobs of yesterday, today and tomorrow will be the dinosaurs of maximum 10 years from now. It might be a whimsical concept, but what we should do is teach our students the skills needed for as yet invented jobs. Yet, aren’t we preparing them for the future anyway?

While education is evolving and adapting to the 21st century, teachers learn as much as the students do, when that happens, a reflexive link is created in the classroom between the teacher and the students, which activates many of the skills mentioned before, for both parties, required for a successful 21st century learning experience.
While we learn that technological literacy is crucial, we need to find the compromise and not take everything for granted, just because it is available doesn’t mean it is essential, for example, if we all have our phones at all times, but we don’t need to text or browse at all times. That we all know anything can be googled, but maybe the first site isn’t reliable. That just because it’s on the front page of The
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