21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital

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Introduction For this assignment, I will be discussing my duties at 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital. I am required to conjoin with many different professionals in various areas of health care as well as track professional certifications, track legal issues within the hospital, and provide detailed monthly reports on the general functionality of the health administration department. I will further enlighten you on 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital’s organizational structure, their missions and value statements, their feasibility for hiring employees, and how they incorporate a use of technology for their patient services. 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital organizational structure The figure below shows the…show more content…
Ensuring that departmental employees adhere to the hospitals policies and procedures. Ensuring that departmental goals are achieved. Lower Level Departmental employees Attending to clients. Working to achieve departmental goals. Ensuring that assigned tasks are completed on time. Table 1:1. A tabulated description of professionals within the organization and the duties of each major heads within the organization A detailed hypothetical mission and value statement for the hospital Mission Statement of 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital “To improve the health of the patients by providing a wide variety of comprehensive, quality healthcare services.” Value Statements of 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital “To put the patients first, ensure innovation and excellence, promote honesty and communication, provide healthcare set at a high standard, promote team work amongst our employees, and encourage stakeholder interactions and cooperation.” A rationale for the development of my particular mission and value statement I have chosen the above mission statement to communicate the purpose or the reason as to why the hospital was set up which is to improve the health of patients. The provision of a wide range of healthcare services to the public ensures that all ailments and injuries that those in the public face can be catered to and cared for. The mission statement instills public confidence that the hospital
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