21st Century Solutions Health Care Management

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21st Century Solutions Health Care Management of Health Care

Martha Johnson
Strayer University
Professor: Ann Millar

This paper will give you an overview of 21st Century’s organizational structure, its members and health care professionals who make up this structure. The staff, and board members obligations and responsibilities at 21st Century Solutions hospital in order to make our organization work, our mission and value statement and our expectations of each staff member to ensure they are providing adequate care, our feasibility plan for hiring physicians, nurses, and allied professionals. The advantages and disadvantages of our new information technology system in order to provide a faster and more convenient way to access patient’s medical information.

The organizational structure at 21st Century Solutions Hospital is in place to help organize, track, and utilize all individuals and staff members who help make up the organization, in order to reach the hospitals main goal which is to provide the best patient care possible. By hiring the most qualified health care professionals and using the state of the art technology. The organization structure also is the hospitals chain of command which shows employees and different departments their responsibilities and duties while holding them accountable. The organizational structure at our hospital consists of: (1) The Board Committee- is a group of individuals who works
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