22 High End Wines of Constellation Brand

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Robert Mondavi Brands, The symbol of Napa Valley. The goal of Robert Mondavi Winery has always been to produce wines that stand in the company of the greatest wines of the world.
Highest price: Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 $109
Lowest price: Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Chardonnay 2007 $19.49

Franciscan Estate, It is the signature wines of Napa Valley in CA. Franciscan is one of Napa Valley`s most venerable wineries, with a rich history more than 35 years. In its website, signature wines, limited release and winery only are recommended. Highest price: Franciscan Oakville Estate Reserve Cabernet, Cabernet Sauvignon Napa, 1985 $119.88
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The brand has created a world-class boxed wine with vintage wines from the world’s premier growing regions, offering consumers exceptional value without sacrificing quality. The environmentally friendly, recyclable package keeps the wine fresh for four weeks after opening. [ Special design].
Highest price: BOWMORE SCOTCH BLACK 1964 100, 1964 $3,899.99
Lowest price: Wine Gift Box (Venus Wrap) Champagne Black 1 Pack $9.45 (Bottle) Black Box Chardonnay , 2009, White Wine, 2009 $17.99 D-magnum (3L)

Vendange, We believe good wine should be enjoyed at all meals, not just special occasions. And that’s precisely why we make sure our wines are as affordable as they are delicious. So no matter what you’re serving, from chicken or pasta to barbecue or prime rib, Vendange wines are the ideal complement. Good friends and good food make the best wines taste even better.
Highest price: Zind Humbrecht Clos Jebsal Pinot Gris Vendange Tardives 1990 Alsace Pinot Gris, 1990 $199.98
Lowest price: Vendange Merlot, 2009, Red Wines, 2009 $7.69

Arbor Mist, is the brand name of an alcoholic beverage which blends seasonal wines such as merlot, zinfandel and chardonnay with fruit flavorings. Its slogan is "Great Tasting Wine with a Splash of Fruit," describing the beverage. Arbor Mist has a lower alcohol content

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