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Stratus Winery

BUSI 2208 H
Introduction to Marketing
Winter 2010

Assignment 2: Individual Case Study

Professor Diane Isabelle
Thursday, March 4 2010

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary 3

II. Problem Statement 3

III. Situation Analysis
External Analysis 3
Internal Analysis 5

IV. Segmentation Analysis 6

V. Strategic Alternative
Alternative 1: Golf with Stratus 9
Alternative 2: Learn with Stratus 9
Alternative 3: V.I.P. After Party 10

VI. Recommendation 11

VII. Implementation 12

VIII. Conclusion 12

IX. References 13
X. Appendices 15

I. Executive Summary Stratus Vineyards is
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With per capita wine consumption increasing and per capita beer consumption decreasing, Stratus has the opportunity to capitalize on Canadian drinking preferences. While Generation Y has become the new shopper (Neilson 2009), they have the least discretionary income of all the generational cohorts and the younger portion is not legal to drink alcohol in all provinces of Canada. Stratus will be challenged to target the largest buying power in Canada.

TastingRoom Inc. has launched a new technology that allows wineries to offer authentic 50 ml sample-sized bottles of their products. The process allows for wineries to package and preserve the exact quality and taste of their wine, in a sample size bottle. This is an excellent opportunity for Stratus to promote and distribute their wine. Stratus’ eco-conscious technologies are expensive and technology has a reputation of becoming obsolete, Stratus faces the threat of their state-of-the-art technologies becoming expendable.
An opportunity for Stratus is the fact that the barrier of entry for a winery of their quality is very high. Stratus is a leader in the eco-friendly and organic Canadian wine industry, and one of the only buildings in Canada to be fully certifies by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design initiative. This provides Stratus the opportunity to capitalize on their leadership with eco-conscious consumers looking for eco-friendly products. Although Stratus
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