24 Hour Food Journal Analysis

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24 Hour Food Journal
Cobbs bread-Baked freshly in store every day. The only ingredient I didn’t recognise was ascorbic acid, but I did a little research and found out that it was healthy for your body and that it is also known as vitamin c

peanut butter- made by Adams processed in the port Tacoma area, bought from save on food

strawberry jam- Made by Smuckers, who’s headquarters in Orrville, Ohio, family run, ranking number 1 best company to work for in 2004, bought from Thrifty’s. I was happily surprised with the little number of ingredients actually found in their jam. But wasn’t exactly sure what and why pectin was doing in the product. I found out that Pectin is a naturally occurring part of fruit that is used to thicken products, similar in consistency to gelatin.
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Their tea is grown in gardens for all over the world so was not able to pin point and exact source. Murchie’s carries some of the highest quality teas, so there are no added ingredients in any of their products.

Pasta- made by Brilla. The company has many factories but first one began in Italy, bought from Thrifty’s. None of the specific ingredients surprised me, because they are all common in other pasta brands I have bought

Homemade pesto- My mom makes her own pesto, and uses ingredients from all local shops

Banana- I bought it at Save on Foods. The banana was grown by dole in equator.


Rice- Bought at Save on Foods and made by uncle bens, the rice is generally grown and produced in the south central states. Most of Uncle Bens rices are just the whole grain, including the one that I bought. But some of the other products do contain additives which keep the product from going bad.

Chile- Produced by Staggs but owned by Hormel Foods, which I bought at Save on Foods. The main processing plant and headquarters for Staggs is located in Austin, Minnesota
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