24 Hours in Amman

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The City So you made it to Amman. Really! You're only spending a day here. Let me get you up to speed then since time is of the essence. Amman is the capital and heart of Jordan, the modern city is less than 100 years old, however, archaeological discoveries proved that it was inhabited as early as 10000 BC! Persians, Macedonians and Romans are only but few of the nations that ruled they city. Amman is often dubbed "The City of 7 Hills" because it was originally built on 7 hills, but now it spans over an area of 19 hills. Best time to visit is definitely between March and May, which is the brief Spring season when it's warm but not scorching! Must See A few nations left their mark on Amman, so there a few sites that are worth seeing. But since your stay is somewhat brief, let's limit it to two historical landmarks. Start off by going to the Roman theater in downtown, a spacious, majestic structure reminiscent of the times when gladiators battled in the arena, if you listen intently, you might still hear the cheers of spectators and the sound of swords clashing in a fierce duel. Roman theater also houses the Jordanian Museum of Popular Traditions on the one side, and the Amman Folklore Museum on the other. If you walk uphill for a little while, on one of the 7 hills the city originally was built on, you'll find the Citadel. A national historical site that endured the test of time, and evidence that Amman knew civilization centuries and centuries ago, making it one of the
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