24 - Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Clusters in Latin America

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Received November 11, 2008 / Accepted December 12, 2008

J. Technol. Manag. Innov. 2008,Volume 3, Issue 3

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Clusters in Latin America
Natural Resource – Implication and Future Challenges

Tomas Gabriel Bas (1), Ernesto Amoros (2), Martin Kunc (3)

The natural resources play a very important role in the economy of the Latin America countries, but follow the classical models of resource exploitation and scale do not add much more value to the products or services like other knowledge-based industries (biotechnology or IT). The cluster approach assembled around the pattern of innovation and entrepreneurship characteristics can help to improve these kinds of industries. Nevertheless, the
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Critical to this transformation obviously is the processes of innovation and entrepreneurship, functioning within a cluster structure (Bas, 2006).
This article is arranged by follow: First, we analyse the forms of innovation in Chile and Latin America for study the importance that acquire this figure in the generation of knowledge.The second point focus on entrepreneurship also in Chile and Latin
America and their importance like a motor of the economy.
Third, we looking the cluster structure in natural resource like a mode of join the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship like a virtuous circle.The last point is concentrate on salmon industry in Chile, his evolution and structure, and the implications of innovation and entrepreneurship like an example of an eventual knowledge-based cluster.

A process that takes an idea, or invention, links it to a market demand and turns it into a product, a technique or a service that is bought and sold can define innovation. Innovation also includes the improvement of an existing product or process and bringing it to market (Bonin and Desranleau, 1988). Innovation has critical dimensions relating to corporate management, evolution in trajectories over long periods and spatial location.The capacity to innovate of a country is determine by underlying capacities to produce and to apply knowledge.There are some indicators that measure
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