2411 Chapter 1

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· What are the main differences between the workgroup network model and the domain network model?
· What might be a disadvantage of a large company using a peer-to-peer network model?
· When considering the two GPO categories, how are they the same? How are they different?
· What type of actions does the Local Policies/User Rights Assignments control?
· In what order are policies applied?
· How can you quickly identify a shortcut on the desktop?
· What is a gadget on the desktop?
· On the Start menu, what is the difference between the applications listed above the horizontal line and those listed below it?
· What were some of the enhancements to the Start menu that were introduced in Windows 7?
· Which keyboard shortcut
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Active Directory centralizes administration and security in the network.
Key components of Active Directory are:
Security principals|A security principle is any entity that can be authenticated into the domain. For example, users, computers, and other network resources are security principals.|
Domains|A Windows domain is a collection of security principals that share a common directory database and security policies. A domain is the basic administrative unit of an Active Directory structure. A Windows domain network is based on the client-server network model with each host on the network functioning as either a server or a client.· The domain allows for central administration of security settings and other administrative tasks. o Domains can contain a number of different types of computers and operating systems, even computers not using a Windows operating system. o Computers must be joined to a domain. o To join a Windows 7 client computer to a domain, the computer must be running Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions. o To join a Windows 8 client computer to a domain, the computer must be running the Professional or Enterprise edition.· Database information is replicated (shared or copied) within a domain. However, security settings are not

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