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Performance improvement strategy

AC Gilbert Company is facing a crises situation where the sale of company has gone down. The take over from the Jack did not materialise and all the efforts taken by him to obtain success went futile. Now if functioning of the firm is considered, it is found that company has adopted ego centrism approach as well as ethnocentric approach. The business is facing crises of good leadership. The training and development objectives are overlooked. Delegation of power is not in place and autonomous team are not allowed. Authoritative leadership practice is going on. Old traditions for doing the business are prevalent. The inexperience of Jack in toys business and the same tenacity that A.C. had is
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The employees must be allowed to raise their grievances through labour unions so that they can feel that they are treated fairly.
Technological up gradation: the organization must look for latest trends and technologies for manufacturing products and assimilate the modern technologies for making standardised products. The computer era has arrived and it is offering integrated platform for business processes so the recommendation is to have integrated system for better access and synchronization among different departments.
Benchmarking: company must go for benchmarking process to identify best practices of industry and assimilate them in quality management of products ( Vallabhaneni, 2008). The benchmarking process will involve the current practices for manufacturing products, channel management, supplier network management, customer focused activities, inventory management, employees motivation techniques and promotion management.
Change in culture and approach: culture should be supportive for team work and participative management practices. There should be ethnocentric perspective involved for considering the needs of customers. Dynamic and flexible culture should be formulated and employees should have collectivist approach than individual approach that is aligned towards achieving organizational goals. Attitude survey of
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