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Rhetorical Analysis: The Fall of the Female Protagonist in Kids’ movies As a 90’s born kid, I was exposed to various genre of children’s animation when I was young, from the likes of Beauty and The Beast to Snow White. In today’s world of kids’ films, I realized the appearance of female protagonists tends to fall from year to year. A blog post titled “The Fall of the Female Protagonist in Kids’ movies” by Stefan Babich explains the role of female protagonists in children’s film. In this blog, Babich aims to give a voice to women by relating them to the role of female protagonists in children’s films. Babich adopt strategies like contrast, comparison and pathos to create a convincing blog to female readers. In his blog, Babich uses…show more content…
All of these rhetorical techniques he use in his blog was a stepping stone to give a voice to more women. My assignment three for English 250 is about rhetorical analyzing a text from the Culture book. Therefore, I decided to summarize “The Fall of the Female Protagonist in Kids’ movies” reading. After completing my assignment three, I’m very positive that I have learnt a more about rhetorically analyzing a text instead of summarizing. Before going into the details of what I’ve learnt from this assignment, I would like to give a review of the rhetorical situation for my assignment three. The purpose of this assignment is to make my audience mainly my English 250 lecturer, Mr. Smith, my classmate and myself understand an analyzed paper without summarizing. Besides, I’m absolutely positive that my essay had fulfilled the purpose which was analyzing a text. I say this because I had done multiple reviews and edits before I believe my essay is good enough to be submitted. Furthermore, I think the strength of my essay was my thesis and supporting ideas of the article. I use comparison, contrast and pathos strategies to analyze my paper. I believe my thesis is very clear stated and easily understand from a reader’s point of view. During conferences, I kind of have a problem with my thesis. But after peer review, I have gain some insights about how a

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