271 Concussions

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The controversy of safety in the National Football League has been escalating over the years due to the increased number of serious head injuries to current and retired NFL players. The concussion controversy started in 1994 when the league created the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee and appointed Dr. Elliot Pellman as chairman. Pellman had no previous experience with brain science and stated "We discuss it on the list of things every time we have a league meeting … We think the issue of knees, of drugs and steroids and drinking is a far greater problem, according to the number of incidents" (Ezell). Fast forward to April 2013, 4,500 retired NFL players have filed lawsuits against the National Football League stating
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In the 2015 season there were 271 total concussions; a fifty-eight percent rise from the 2014 season (Seifert, Of the 271 concussions, ninety-two of them were caused by helmet-to-helmet contact (Seifert). Dr. Michael C. Miller, former editor of the "Harvard Mental Health Letter" believes the NFL has taken steps in the right direction but more needs to be done in order to protect future players and preserve the heart of the game. Helmets with better padding and impact monitors cut the risk of sustaining a concussion in half. A group of researchers collected data from 1,800 athletes from eight different college football teams using two versions of a helmet made by Riddell, the "VSR4" and the new "Revolution". Using sensors in the helmet, they recorded hits experienced by players and found a fifty-four percent reduction of concussion risk in the players with the Revolution helmet. (Newsmax Health). Dan Polnerow, a journalist at Northeastern State University, wrote that Riddell’s new helmet “utilizes high density vinyl nitrile foam, a facemask designed to absorb some of the energy of the impact, and a larger shell to fit more padding” (Polnerow). No helmet can completely protect an athlete from a concussion however providing better protection can substantially reduce the risk
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