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Study Questions for Lectures 1-5
1. Give 2 definitions of “species” and explain the strengths and weaknesses of each.
Morphological “species”: individuals grouped into species based on their similar physical appearence.
Strength: Easy to apply when species’ traits are defined and don’t overlap.
Weakness: Hard to apply when there are morphological difference within species, such as in between
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Contrast autotrophs and heterotrophs in terms of how they acquire energy and nutrients.
-Autotrophs: Produce their own forms of energy through inorganic materials
-Heterotrophs: Obtain energy and nutrients from their diet
11. Which of the following is the best answer to why plants on land are green
(a) green is the color of life
(b) chlorophyll absorbs green light
(c ) Chlorophyll absorbs red and blue light
(d) herbivores are repelled by the color green
(e) its not easy being green
12. Describe two ways (two different things you could measure) to estimate the rate of photosynthesis in a particular plant. What specific measurements would you need to make for each in order to estimate GROSS photosynthesis?
-In an enclosed environment measuring levels of CO2 and O2 could help to determine rate of photosynthesis. The NET photosynthesis is equal to photosynthesis-respiration to account for what happens during the night.
-Measuring the pH of a solution (such as in the lab we had) could also help determine the rate of photosynthesis. You would need a much more specific pH meter, but generally, if pH goes down, the level of CO2 is higher, meaning more cellular respiration. Higher pH means there’s less CO2, so more photosynthesis.
GROSS photosynthesis = (change in O2 in light) - (change in O2 in dark)
13. Explain the concept of a trade-off and give an example of a
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