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2nd Battle of Fallujah (Phantom Fury), LTG Natonski An Assignment Submitted by MME 2nd Battle of Fallujah (Phantom Fury), LTG Natonski Operation Al-Fajr in Arabic, Operation Phantom Fury was the code name given to the second battle of Fallujah, considered the hottest point of conflict of all the military campaign in Iraq. Led by the US Marine Corp against the Iraqi combatants, who had held the city under their control, some consider it was the most difficult battle marines have been involved since Vietnam in the 60s. The battle put end to the insurgent control over the city and constituted an important victory for the US troops, however such victory had a high painful price 1. More than 90…show more content…
The troops were divided into two great combat regiments, Regimental Combat Team 1 with 3rd Battalion/ 1st Marines, 3rd Battalion/5th marines, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion, 4th and 23rd Seabees and the US Army 2nd Battalion /7th Cavalry. The other regiment, the Regimental Combat Team 7 included the 1st Battalion/ 8th marine, 1st Battalion /8th Marines and the US Army 2nd Battalion/ 2nd Infantry. Assisting in the assault 2000 Iraqi soldiers were incorporated, and with the order to surround the city to avoid bandits escape, the task was assigned to the 1st Battalion of the British 850 regiment, all supported by air raids and heavy artillery strikes over the city. It was outstanding that during the strategy planning for the attack of the city one of the main concerns of the Lieutenant General Natonski was that the battle would result in a humanitarian crisis, but most of the civilians had abandoned the city before. Natonski was able to avoid civil casualties as much as possible but not proper to damage as much as hoped because, citing his own words: “You can always rebuild a house, but you cannot rebuild a life. It was important to protect the Marines and soldiers”. 5 The landscape seemed difficult because the insurgents were heavily fortified in the buildings and mosques, and there would be the possibility that they could use civilians as a human shield. Since the very beginning of the
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